Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet Erich

Meet Erich Rusch- Co-Owner, Repair Technician, Rental 

Manager, Road Representative and IT Manager

Q. Where did you go to school? 
A. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I graduated with a B.A. in Music and a Psychology minor. I then attended Southeast Technical College in Red Wing, MN for Band Instrument Repair, graduating in 2001.   After graduation, I found my way to Green Bay where I started my career in the music industry. I have been working in the music business for the past 12 years.

Q. What is your favorite instrument?
A. The tuba is my favorite instrument.  The tuba is the foundation and the meat and bones of the brass section, it can be found in several different groups.  Such as Orchestra, Concert Band, Polka and many other different ensembles.  The tuba is one of a kind and an unique instrument, just like myself!

Q. What do you love about working at Instrumental Music Company?
A. I love just about everything with working at Instrumental Music Company!  I like being able to take on many different projects in the store and to help oversee all different aspects of it as well.  It is a great family orientated place to work with a very fun atmosphere.  Our customers are great to deal with and I enjoy helping them with their musical needs!  It’s always great to either find an accessory that helps improve their musical experience or to do a repair that helps improve their instrument.  I love working with all my fellow co-workers, the comradely is great between all of us and it’s like having a second family!  It’s a very relaxed environment to work in!

Q. Do you do anything with music outside of Instrumental Music Company?
A. Currently I do not have the time to play in any groups outside of Instrumental Music Company.  In the past I have played with the Pulaski Community Band, Manitowoc Marine Band and Topless Brass (a group just featuring euphoniums and tubas).  I do attend a fair amount of music concerts of all genres outside of work!

Q. What is your advice for beginning musicians?
A. To find an instrument that you really enjoy and that fits you and your personality well!  To keep practicing and to keep challenging yourself!  When first beginning a new instrument it can be very hard and frustrating at times.  If you can get through those times the rest will be easy and fun for you.  Once you learn an instrument it will stay with you for life!

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